Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25. Rally with us!

All those who care about this issue ..we need to to come out to rally this Wednesday May 25th outside the Lanark County building in Perth Ontario. Council meeting begins at 6 pm. followed by the Public works meeting, (would be begin closer to 7) where all of our communication ( your letters and our petition) will be shown on the agenda. There should be an update on our notification request.
Council brought forward a motion to reconsider last May 11th (thank you Bill Dobson and John Fenik) but did not achieve the two thirds vote needed for more discussion. According to council procedures the matter is now closed. Remember that during the last few months, 5 councillors have changed their minds about the weed spraying program.

You can see the results of this vote, including how the councillors each voted here:

Recorded Vote For Against Herbicide Spraying

Keep in mind that the motion was for reconsideration….asking to discuss the new information, but 7 councillors refused that!

Let’s come out to tell them that there are over 600 people who don’t think spraying with herbicides on our roadsides is the best solution. We have environmental rights to clean air and water. We care about our children who already are exposed to pesticides living in our rural county. We care about our pollinators. Bring your no spraying signs or make smaller ones. Bring your kids and your grandchildren.

Meeting starts at 6pm. The Lanark county office is located at 99 Christie Lake Road.