Helpful Contacts

Here are some email addresses to the clerks, councillors and public works managers in our local area. Please go to your own local website to find any other contacts you need. When sending an email always copy the clerk. Please note that not all of the municipalities are spraying, so you can try to find out as much as you can before you send any letters with concerns. Keep in mind that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor or Reeve and Deputy Reeve vote for the spray program for the County roads at the County seat. So even if their own municipality is not spraying they may have supported the spraying at the County level. 
If you would like to send the email to all of the councillors the clerk can do that, just make sure you specify that you would like it forwarded it to all councillors and that your correspondence be included as information. This way it will be recorded as received. 
Decisions for spraying may have been made for the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t voice your concerns and your observations.

Lanark County Council:

Clerk Leslie Drynan:
Warden Richard Kidd:
Sharon Mousseau:
Doug Black:
Sean Redmond:
Steve Fournier:
Ray Scissons:
Peter McLaren:
John Hall:
Christa Lowry:
Rick Minnille:
Bill Dobson:
Klaus Van der Meer:
John Fenik:
Ed McPherson:
Brian Campbell:
Brian Crampton:
Lanark County Public Works Managers
Terry McCann:
Janet Tysick:

Beckwith Township

Clerk Ross Trimble:
Reeve Richard Kidd:
Deputy Reeve Sharon Mousseau:
Faye Campbell:
Tim Campbell:
Brian Dowdall:

Carleton Place

Clerk Stacey Blair:
Mayor Doug Black:
Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond:
Theresa Fritz:
Andrew Tennant:
Linda Seccaspina:
Toby Randell:
Jeff Atkinson:
Public Works 613-257-2253

Township of Drummond /North Elmsley

Clerk Cindy Halcrow:
Reeve Steve Fournier:
Deputy Reeve Ray Scissons:
Paul Kehoe:
John Matheson:
George Sachs:
Public works:  Scott Cameron

Township of Mississippi Mills

Clerk Jeanne Harfield:
Mayor Christa Lowry:
Deputy Mayor Rickey Minnille:
 Public Works Guy Bourgon:

Montague Township

Clerk Jasmin Ralph:
Works Department:


Clerk Lauren Walton:
Mayor John Fenik:
Deputy Mayor Ed McPherson:
David Bird:
Judy Brown:
Leona Cameron:
Brock McPherson:
Barry Smith:
Environmental Services Director Grant Machan, 
Superintendent of Surface Operations Robert MacDonald

Tay Valley Township

Clerk Amanda Mabo:
Reeve Brian Campbell:
Deputy Reeve Brian Crampton:
Gene Richardson:
Fred Dobbie:
Beverly Phillips:
Mick Wicklum:
Rob Ranier:
Roxanne Darling:

Township of Lanark Highlands

Clerk Amanda Noel:
Reeve Peter McLaren:
Deputy Reeve John Hall:
Ron Closs:
Steve Roberts:
Peter Roger:
Bill King:
Jeannie Kelso:
Public Works Thomas McCarthy:

Township of Rideau Lakes:

Clerk Mary Ellen Truelove:
Mayor Arie Hoogenboom:
Carolyn Bresee:
Cathy Livingston:
Jeff Banks:
Marcia Maxwell:
Joan Delaney:
Claire Gunneweik:
Bob Lavoie:

City of Kingston

Contact all councillors via clerk Lorie Sargeant:
City of Kingston Public Works Bill Linnen:
Counties of Leeds and Grenville 
Clerk Lesley Todd
Counties of Leeds and Grenville Public Works Manager: Arup Mukherjee

Medical Officer of Health:

MOH Dr. Paula Stewart: