Take Action

What can you do to help? Take action!

  • Find out as much as you can about the recent spraying history in your Municipality, Township or County. Use information from this website and your own research to make your case against the spray program. The County roads ( the larger roads) are taken care of by the County and the smaller roads are under the jurisdiction of the Townships. (If you live in Frontenac County the Townships take care of all of the roads.) Each Township has a public works manager so please check their website for their contact information.
  • Send a letter or email to your Councillors, and Public Works department and remember to always copy the Clerk. If you prefer, email the Clerk and request that your letter be circulated to Councillors and Public Works staff and be included as communication for the agenda.
  • Consider sending an email to your local Medical Officer of Health, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) inspector in your area and the Ontario & Federal Health Ministers.
  • If you want, you can see our sample letter here (Pages | DOCX) and use it as the basis for your letter.
  • Consider speaking about your concerns as a delegation to your own Council. Contact the Clerk before a meeting (at least a week, depending on where you live) to request to speak. See our previous presentations on this website.
  • Start a petition and present it to your Council. Ask questions at your local Council meeting.

  • As spring approaches, find out what roadside spraying is proposed and what the options are to opt out! Each area has different rules. Encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same.
  • Once spraying begins, document any spraying that is illegal or questionable. Take pictures and always send your concerns in writing to your local MOECC inspector, the Councillors and Public Works staff. If wildlife is a concern contact the MNR in your area.
  • Complete an incident report if you observe negative health or environmental outcomes:
  • For a specific concerns about the pesticide label, address your questions to the Pesticide Regulatory Management Agency (PMRA) <pmra.infoserv@hc-sc.gc.ca>
  • Write a letter to your local paper.
  • Work with beekeepers, pollinator groups and health practitioners to bring home the message.
  • Reach out to us at friendsoflanarkcounty@gmail.com.

Here are some important contacts:

Christine Elliott, Ontario Minister of Health:

Paula Stewart MD, FRCPC Medical Officer of Health, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit:

Scott Olan, MOECC Pesticides, Kingston office:

Tor Rustad, Ottawa region:

Sherif Hegasy, MOECC Standards Development Branch (Pesticide Notification):

Lanark County Public Works Managers
Terry McCann: TMcCann@lanarkcounty.ca
Janet Tysick: JTysick@lanarkcounty.ca

Arup Mukherjee, Counties of Leeds and Grenville Public Works Manager:

See Helpful Contacts page