The case for ClearView?

The County is doing what it believes is best to protect its residents from harm caused by wild parsnip. Many residents are questioning this kind of protection and are opposed to the “solution” proposed.

Their research suggesting this is the best course, relies to a great extent on information provided by Dr. Paula Stewart, our Medical Officer of Health and Iola Price of the Invasive Plant Council. Dr. Stewart says that “based on research evidence there is no public health risk from Clearview when used as planned by Lanark County”.

Both Dr. Paula Stewartand Iola Price of the Invasive Plant Council have made presentations in Lanark and Leeds and Grenville at the county and township levels of government. To read their presentations, click on the links below.

Wild parsnip A public health perspective Dr Paula Stewart May 17

Iola Price presentation April 30 2016

Dr. Stewart’s presentation was based on this report: ClearView Herbicide – Public Health Ontario- Scientific and Technical Advice -06.19.15

If you have questions for either Dr. Stewart or Iola Price, you can reach them here:

Paula Stewart MD, FRCPC
Medical Officer of Health
Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit
458 Laurier Blvd. Brockville, ON
K6V 7A3
Tel: 613-345-5685
Fax: 613-498-1096

Iola Price
Ontario Invasive Plant Council
OIPC Coordinator
(705)748-6324 ext. 281