Is a ditch, a slope?

ClearView guidelines indicate that spraying should not occur on slopes. Under “Environmental Hazards” (Commercial registration No. 29752. Pest control products act), the label says:

The use of this chemical may result in contamination of groundwater.  Avoid application to areas with a moderate to steep slope, compacted soil or clay.

We are trying to find out what constitutes a moderate slope. Are our ditches, moderate slopes? Wager and Corput – the ClearView applicators must be in compliance and follow the label directions when applying this herbicide. Please stay tuned or help us investigate.

In the meantime, please get your signs up and talk to your neighbours. Help them get their signs up too. We are finding that most people still do not know about the spraying. The most effective way to get the word out and more signs up has been by knocking on a neighbour’s door and talking about it. You can pick up signs for your neighbours so long as they have signed their form giving their consent.

And, please keep asking questions of the County. Send your sincere and polite questions to the Director of Public Works: Terry McCann. (613) 267-1353 ext. 3190. and copy all Councillors. Even though it is too late for them to vote to stop the spray, they may be interested in knowing that our concern is increasing and not just going away.

The most recent Council meeting was well attended by Friends of Lanark County:

If you have time to talk to your neighbours or to help us get information on the web, make a blog post, please email us at We could use some more people power.