Where in Lanark are They Spraying?

Council Meeting
April 25th, 2017
Wild Parsnip Control PW 2017-13

“THAT that the Township of Lanark Highlands participates in the Clearview spraying program organized by the County on selected Township roadsides in 2017; AND FURTHER THAT this matter be presented at the Council meeting of April 25th, 2017 for consideration.”

Township staff and members of council have received concerns from residents about the risk of exposure to Wild Parsnip and encroachment of the plant onto their property. The wild parsnip spraying program began in 2015 in Lanark County and was successfully completed in Lanark Highlands in 2016.

The medical officer of Health has declared Wild Parsnip as a Public Health Risk and further determined that the Wild Parsnip is a risk to the health of  the residents of Lanark County. Lanark County is planning to continue the spraying in 2017 with Clearview on approximately 750 (lane) km of County Roads. Local municipalities have an option to join the program on Township Roads.

1. Accept the tender from Green Stream Lawn and Vegetation Management Inc and participate in the 2017 spraying program.
2. Reject the tender and decline participation.

The price tendered by Green Stream Lawn and Vegetation Management Inc is $1040.00 for application. The Township then purchases the spray at the price set by the manufacturer of $1,951.68 per 3.68kg. In 2016 the Township spent $3,348.24 on product and application.

Township staff recommend that Lanark Highlands participate in the Clearview spraying program organized by the County on selected Township roadsides in 2017.ATTATCHMENT Road Name From To Length (KM) Boyds road Ramsay Con 1 Ferguson Falls Road 0.5 Crampton Road Ferguson Falls Road Twp Boundary 0.8 11th Con A Lanark Ferguson Falls Road end 0.3 10th con A Lanark Ferguson Falls Road end 0.1 Upper Perth Road Ferguson Falls Road Ramsay Con 1 5.5 Giles Road Pine Grove Road Upper Perth Road 0.8 5th Con A Lanark Rosetta Road End 0.2 7th Con A Lanark End End 1.8 10th Con B Lanark Upper Perth Road Miller 0.3 Miller Road 10th Con B Lanark Ramsay Con 1 2.7 Purdy Road Wolf Grove Road Rosetta 1.2 Floating Bridge Road Thompson Road End 0.1 Galbraith Road 11th Con E Lanark 6th Con D Lanark 0.3 6th Con D Lanark Galbraith end 0.4 Darling Road Wolf Grove Road Tatlock Road 0.6 8th Con A Lanark Pine Grove Road end 0.2 Rosetta Canning St Wolf Grove 2.5 Paul Drive Rosetta Road Hwy 511 0.2 6th Con A Lanark Pine Grove Road Phelans Road 1.5 Phelans 5th Con A Lanark 6th Con A Lanark 0.1 Robertson Drive Hwy 511 Hwy 511 0.4 Forbes Road Robertson Drive 1st Con A Dalhousie 0.3 Rodger Road Hwy 511 Herron Mills 0.3 Dobie Road Watsons Corners Hwy 511 0.3 3rd Con Dalhousie South Lavant Road Sugarbush Way 0.1 4th Con B Dalhousie Lodore End 0.3 Waddle Creek 1st Con Lavant French Line 0.2 French Line Waddle Creek River Farm Lane 0.2 Sheridans Rapids Road 3rd Con Dalhousie River Drive 2 9th Con B Dalhousie Purdons Bay North Shore Road 0.1 Bathurst Line East McDonalds Corners Road end 0.1 North Street Hwy 511 Wilis Street 0.2 8th Con B Wolf Grove Road Rosetta 0.3 12th Con C Lanark Upper Perth Road Wolf Grove 0.2 Total 25.1