Come to the Council Meeting April 12, 4:45

Vote against spraying! Yes to education, No to pesticides.

If you care about the roadside spraying issue we really need you to come out to the council meeting for a show of solidarity on Wednesday April 12th at 4:45 pm at Lanark County Office at 99 Christie Lake Road in Perth

We won’t be able to speak at the meeting. Goodness knows we have already told them everything they need to know…but we can listen, watch and show them that we are not going away! They have not even discussed our petition! It’s as if it didn’t even exist.

Councillors will be voting on a proposal for the Adopt a Road program which will allow folks to control noxious weeds as a community program. Sounds good, right? The truth is that it’s just not realistic for groups to be organized, motivated, trained and have time and the resources to pull parsnip all before the first week of June. It’s just not going to happen and that’s what they are counting on so they can spray more roadsides.

That’s not all.  This is meant to replace the option for us to have a no spray sign! You will not be able to request a no spray sign, not will they respect your own sign. If you don’t adopt your road or mow your frontage or if any hint of parsnip remains they can and will spray it.


So please please come out, bring a friend and try to make a difference. We need numbers there! Bring a homemade sign, your children, your pets and your beekeepers suits! You can print off the image below and bring it too! We will have posterboard and markers so you can make your protest sign on the spot! We will go into the Council chambers to hear the debate at 5:30pm

Vote against spraying! Yes to education, No to pesticides.