The Issue


Between May 30 and June 30, 2016, the County of Lanark is going to be spraying a broad-based herbicide along our roadsides in order to control the growth of wild parsnip.

Wild parsnip is considered a wild edible by some. It’s sap however, can cause severe blistering and discomfort if it comes in to contact with open skin and you are subsequently exposed to sunlight at the same time.

Just like poison ivy, we need to learn how to live with it. Just like we all know “leaves of three, let them be” and avoid contact with poison ivy, we can learn to avoid wild parsnip.

Spraying a toxic herbicide that also kills dozens of other broadleaved plants is not a solution. We must consider our duty and commitment to Ontario’s Pollinator Health Action Plan.

There are alternatives, like mowing, alongside an education campaign.

Unfortunately, the County Council has decided to continue on this path without serious consideration of alternatives and without being able to answer questions and concerns coming from its residents.

We are asking for a moratorium on all spraying until a thorough and independant, third party risk and benefits assessment can be undertaken.

Please browse the website for more information on this grass roots campaign to keep Lanark County beautiful and safe for all.

And, if you can, Take Action today.

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